Death Note Short Stories

Death Note's story continues in this collection of short stories penned by the series' creators. Is Kira’s story truly over, or does his influence linger? In this complete collection of Death Note short stories penned by the series’ creators, discover tales of lives irrevocably changed by the sinister influence of the Death Note, with surprising and thrilling answers to the question of what it truly takes to use the Death Note…or fight it. Contains stories “C-Kira,” “a-Kira,” the Death Note pilot chapter, vignettes of L’s life, and more.
  • Categoría: Adolescentes
  • Subcategoría: Comics
  • ISBN: 9781974730735
  • Páginas: 226
  • Carpeta: Blanda

  • Autor: Tsugumi Ohba
  • Nivel Educativo: 12+

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