Marvel: Los Vengadores, Asamblea #1

Kamala Kahn was an average middle school kid. That is, until a cloud called a Terrigen Mist swept through the New Jersey waterfront and activated her super powers! After taking on the persona of Ms. Marvel, she's been fighting crime in Jersey City, and has caught the eye of some pretty well-established super heroes. But that's not always a good thing... After Kamala is caught by news cameras saving a fellow student-and accidentally destroying a few buildings along the way-she is confronted by some pretty well established heroes Captain Marvel and Iron Man! It's great that she's fighting crime and sticking up for people, but maybe a regular school isn't the best place to learn how to do that. If she wants to continue as Ms. Marvel, she's going to need to take on some new extra-curricular activities-mainly, training in the hours after school with the Avengers! Now Kamala is the new kid at the Avengers Institute. Her classmates are all kids like her, they have special powers, but most of them have gotten into some trouble or drawn attention to themselves. The big news at the Avengers Institute this year? An academic decathlon in which students will group up into teams compete against each other in super heroics. Kamala and her friends Miles and Doreen will have to go up against a team led by some kids who fight less than fair, and have some trouble with the concept of "fighting for good" in this funny, action-packed look at some ordinary middle school kids who just happen to have some extraordinary powers.
  • Categoría: Infantil
  • Subcategoría: Comics
  • ISBN: 9781338668001
  • Páginas: 176
  • Carpeta: Blanda

  • Autor: Preeti Chhibber
  • Nivel Educativo: 3 - 6 Grade

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