The Elements

Luc, a boy from the friendly Forest Civilization, decides to take a leap of faith when he hears about the Cloud Palace Challenge; a renowned competition held every two years where people from different civilizations of the planet's elements compete for an award. This year, in particular, people are in awe at the prize: a yearlong exclusive training with the Masters of the Maximum Power Owners, the strongest warriors among all elements. Never had the reward been this astonishing. With his new friends, Nevin, Rai, Zhora, Lila, and Gwyn, Luc will face his first challenge at the Colorwheel Forest. The objective? Find a Mystical Object hidden in the destination. The kids will face never imagined obstacles and even might realize that the prestigious competition may not be just a simple challenge whose sole purpose is to amuse its contestants.
  • Categoría: Adolescentes
  • Subcategoría: Fantasía
  • ISBN: 9781625376503
  • Páginas: 105
  • Carpeta: Blanda

  • Autor: A.K. Rain
  • Nivel Educativo: 14+

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