Lety Out Loud: A Wish Novel

Lety Muñoz's first language is Spanish, and she likes to take her time putting her words together. She loves volunteering at the animal shelter because the dogs and cats there don't care if she can't always find the right words. When the shelter needs a volunteer to write animal profiles, Lety jumps at the chance. But classmate Hunter also wants to write profiles-so he devises a competition to determine the official shelter scribe. Whoever gets their animals adopted the fastest wins. Lety agrees, but she's worried that if the shelter finds out about the contest, they'll kick her out of the volunteer program. Then she'll never be able to adopt Spike, her favorite dog at the shelter! Can Lety find her voice before it's too late?
  • Categoría: Infantil
  • Subcategoría: Ficción
  • ISBN: 9781338159356
  • Páginas: 208
  • Carpeta: Blanda

  • Autor: Angela Cervantes
  • Nivel Educativo: 8+

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